What started ten years ago as an application for “Hypercard” an Apple software became a huge Genealogical
    endeavor. With the help of sons Robert, Chris and son-in-law John I have embarked on a journey in my
    retired years that is both enjoyable and full of surprises.

    I not only mastered scripting in “Hypercard” but went unto transferring the genealogical data into Excel with
    VBA, another computer language. But the professional programmers had me baffled. It was too much of a
    hassle so I tried a demo of Reunion 6.0, liked it and again transferred my findings permanently.

    I was able to get most information from my siblings and immediate family but thanks to a message left on
    Tarnow Webpage I struck paydirt. Christine Dowd and Ken Stobnicki answered my message and through
    their diligent work I opened up an avenue of information I alone could never accomplish. Then too, I give
    much credit for the Wrobel Family information to cousin Stefania (Wrobel) Skora and after her death to her
    daughter Zofia (Skora) Dumanowski in Pustkow, Debica, Poland. Their efforts broadened the scope of
    genealogical information. Nonetheleast I thank my dearest wife Jean for bearing with me in my trials.

    Perhaps the greatest gift God gave man was life. Each individual born on this earth unknowingly leaves an
    imprint of his existence. Some of us pass unto eternity and nothing is ever recorded of our being here. I
    hope that through this gathering of information about my immediate family and branches someone will
    benefit, somewhere, somehow, someday.
    --Richard A. Slon
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